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Dr Hulbert has a wealth of ecological and wildlife management experience from across Europe. He graduated with a BSc in Ecology and Forestry from Edinburgh University in 1987 and then a PhD in Zoology and Wildlife Management from Aberdeen University in 1993. He has worked as a research scientist in Scotland, Nepal, former Yugoslavia, Germany and Norway primarily working on wetland birds, otters, hares, rabbits, sheep and all species of deer. He has also developed a range of tracking technologies for wildlife projects around the world and currently manages the North East of Scotland Golden Eagle Tracking project and the North of Scotland Red Kite Tracking Project. For the last 15 years, he has been working as an Ecological Clerk of Works for many of the large wind farm and micro hydro scheme developers across Scotland, including SSE, Eneco, EDF, RWE and Bay-Wa. He has also worked on many private and residential projects. Recently, he has been working for Morrisons Construction and Scottish Water as their ecologist for a number of Flood Prevention Schemes. Additionally, he provides all manner of small scale ecological surveys, including nesting bird, moorland bird and wader surveys, red squirrel surveys, and otter and pine marten surveys. With a degree in both Ecology and Forestry, Dr. Hulbert is well equipped to carry out any form of ecological survey including Phase 1, tree/forestry surveys, vegetation surveys, woodland regeneration surveys and AECS specific surveys to promote land management practices which protect and enhance Scotland’s magnificent natural heritage, improve water quality, manage flood risk and mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Dr Hulbert has worked as a professional scientist for the Instittue of Terrestrial Ecology studying sheep and red deer grazing interactions, the Royal Society Fellowship Scheme to study mountain hare and roe deer interactions on the islands on the Arctic circle in Norway, and as a senior scientist at the Hill and Mountain Research Centre at Tyndrum for the Scottish Agricultural College studying grazing ecology of sheep. While working with SAC he pioneered the use of GPS tracking technology, being the first scientist in the world to deploy such technology on animals in 1995.

Dr. Hulbert has written numerous peer reviewed scientific papers and presented at many ecological conferences. He also has written many plans related to all the schemes has worked on. He is also well used to delivering small scale reports and presenting to land managers and farmers. He is highly respected in his field.

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